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What are Breast Cancer Bracelets?

Breast Cancer Bracelets are bracelets with symbolic meaning. They often have pink beads or crystals and have a ribbon charm. They are worn by women who have survived breast cancer, are on the road to surviving breast cancer and for their daughters, mothers, sisters and friends who are supporting their journey.

Here is an example of a Breast Cancer Bracelet:

Beast Cancer Awareness Heart Bracelet with Heart Charm and Pink Crystal Dangle - CBB-R53
This bracelet has is pink with a ribbon charm, heart charm and a pink breast cancer charm.

You may pick any of my designs as choose PINK crystals or ribbon charm.

Awareness Bracelets

"I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

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