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Roman Numeral Necklaces - Years Cancer Free (Sterling Silver)

SURVIVOR Necklaces - sterling silver on a sterling silver ball chain
Roman Numeral Necklace on a Rolo Chain - 3 Letters

Roman Numeral Necklace - $35 (3 letters)

Item: CBB-N-SS-4.5mm (Roman Numerals)

Enter the years or months cancer free in Roman Numerals (see chart below). Then, you choose the length of the .925 sterling silver or leather necklace chain. You can add or removed letters yourself to update the number of years cancer free. We have lots of special characters to choose from; Heart, Ampersand, Blank Cube, Cross, Flower, Question Mark, Colon and Star of David blocks. The price of the name necklace depends on the number of letters and special characters you choose. The necklaces shown below have 3 blocks and would be $35.

The numeric system represented by Roman numerals originated in ancient Rome and remained the usual way of writing numbers throughout Europe well into the late Middle Ages. Numbers in this system are represented by combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet.


I make and ship everything within the next business day.

Materials: .925 sterling silver

Sterling Silver Special Characters
Blank Sterling Silver Block Letter Bead
Sterling Silver Cross Block Bead
Questions Mark Sterling Silver Block Letter Bead
Sterling Silver Heart Block Bead
Flower Sterling Silver Block Letter Bead
Colon Block sterling silver bead
Ampersand Block Sterling Silver Bead
Star of David Block Bead
Sterling Silver Spacer Bead
Sterling Silver Spacer Ball

Enter Name(s), Date(s) or Message:

Choose the number of numbers, letters or symbols written above: (Count symbols as ONE letter)

Add Spacer Balls:

Choose length and style:

Add Gift Wrap:

Add Silver Polishing Cloth for cleaning (+ $5)


credit card, debit card and paypal options

I can personalize and customize all of my designs. I love what I get to do every day!

Years Cancer Free in Roman Numerals


"I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

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