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Anklets for Awareness
Message-Ribbon-Gemstone Anklet

We can create anklets with any awareness color

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Color Options

Our awareness anklets come in many different styles with 100's of options. First you pick the design then you pick the color! Browse our online catalog featuring products in all cancer colors to create and personalize the cancer awareness anklet for yourself, your friend or loved one to remind them and you of how special they are! These ribbon anklets are made with high quality beautiful beads and sterling silver chain - a quality keepsake for yourself or a loved one!

Breathe, Beleive and Recieve or Peace Joy Believe Bracelet
available in 18+ colors

Gemstone Cancer Awarenss Anklet
DBL-Ank-Gem1 - click here
Starts at $39
Ovarian Peach bracelet
Swarovski Crystal Colors
Survivor Hope Courage In Memory Anklet
DBL-Ank-Mes1 - click here
Starts at $39
Awareness Ribbon Bracelet
Swarovski Crystal Colors
Ribbon Anklet
DBL-Ank-Rib1 - click here
Starts at $29

What size?

Measure your anklet at the smallest point and add 3/4"-1", depending on how loose you would like your anklet.
If it is a gift and you cannot measure, 10" is average. I do free re-sizing within 30 days, you just pay shipping back and forth. So if it doesn't fit perfectly I would be happy to resize it for you. If your size isn't listed on our order page, please contact us.

8 1/2 inches(petite)
9 inches (xsmall)
9 1/2 inches (small)
10 inches (medium)
10 1/2 inches (large)



"I love love love my mother's bracelet! Thank you again for your patience in helping me create it! I have a friend that will be contacting you to create one for herself as well. Have a great weekend!
Thank you,

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