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Leather and Sterling Silver SURVIVOR Bracelet CBB-R55

Leather SURVIVOR Bracelet
Starts at $29+ As shown $50 with 8 block letters
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Leather and Sterling SURVIVOR Bracelet- $50 (Pricing from $29-$99)

Item: CBB-R55

This man bracelet is made with sterling silver 5.5mm alphabet block letters spelling your child's name or a favorite saying (e.g. BRAVE, SURVIVOR, DADDY). You may have as many letters or special characters, as will fit, on the mans leather bracelet. You may add spacers in between the block letters and special characters. The spacers are sterling silver round balls.

Black Caprice Bracelet with silver tone clasp and 5.5mm Sterling Silver Alphabet Block Cubes. You may have multiple names or words on one bracelet. This bracelet starts at $29 for one letter. The SURVIVOR bracelet below has 8 sterling silver alphabet block letters and is $50.

Spacers: I can put round sterling silver spacers in between the block letters. The round balls are the size of the blocks and are sterling silver, as well. See the drop down menu to choose spacers or not. You will get FREE spacer beads in between WORDS or NAMES but if you want them in between letters you need to choose that option in the drop down menu below.

Sizes: 7 1/2", 8" or 8 1/2", 3mm Thick, 5.5mm screw cap


Star of David
question mark
Colon for Bible Verse
Star of David




Pricing of this bracelet depends on the numbers of letters and symbols on each bracelet and includes the leather bracelet. Prices below are without spacers:

1 letter $29
2 letters $32
3 letters $35
4 letters $38
5 letters $41
6 letters $44
7 letters $47
8 letters $50
9 letters $53
10 letters $56
11 letters $59
12 letters $62
13 letters $65
14 letters $68
15 letters $71
16 letters $74
17 letters $77
18 letters $80
19 letters $83
20 letters $86
21 letters $89

22 letters $92

Choose Bracelet Size: (measure your wrist, at wrist bone, and add 3/4")

Enter Name(s): e.g. NAMESTE(heart), I WILL SURVIVE, (cross) 5 YEARS (cross)

Choose the number of numbers, letters or symbols written above: (Count symbols or blank beads as ONE letter)

You may add additional items to your bracelet order (or skip down to the ADD TO CART button)...

You may add charms to this design: (see all charms)
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Add another charm to bracelet -
Add another charm to bracelet -
Add another charm to bracelet -

Add Coordinating Swarovski Earrings:

Add ANOTHER Birthstone Crystal Dangle™ (BCD):
Swarovski Crystal Colors

Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $3)
Add coordinating necklace (3" of beads on an 18" chain) (+ $89)
Add coordinating necklace (18" of beads) (+ $299)

Add Gift Wrap:

Leather NAMESTE Bracelet
YOU pick the words or names -
NAMESTE (heart) shown.
This bracelet has 8 letters/special characters and no spacers. Shown on an 8" leather bracelet.

~ ~ ~

Leather SURVIVOR Bracelet
YOU pick the words or names -
This bracelet has 8 letters and no spacers. Shown on an 8" leather bracelet.