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Prayer Box Necklaces- Blessing Box Pendants

Sterling Silver Necklaces with Prayer Box Pendant Charms either Sterling Silver or Silver/Gold Plated (will be noted in the description)...

These are sterling silver, snake style necklaces that come in either, 18", 24", 30" or 36" lengths. These high quality 1mm - 2mm chains. A sterling silver or silver/gold plated Prayer Box or Blessing Box Pendant is included.



Silver plated & gold plated prayer box charm
(magnetic closure)
blessing charms

This is our most popular prayer box pendant for necklaces. It is also our largest. It measures 18mm in diameter. It has a magnetic closure. The sterling silver snake chain comes in many lengths and sizes.

18" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $41.00

24" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $46.00

30" - 2mm Snake Chain - $66.00

36" - 2mm Snake Chain - $86.00



Silver plated & gold plated prayer box charm or pendant. Includes sterling silver snake chain necklace. The pendant is 13x12mm cylinder prayer box. Sold Individually.
Necklace is now shown but is included in price.
blessing charms

18" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $41.00

24" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $46.00

30" - 2mm Snake Chain - $66.00 -

36" - 2mm Snake Chain - $86.00


Silver plated & gold plated prayer box charm or pendant. Includes sterling silver snake chain necklace. The silver plated/gold plated pendant is 13x11mm cube prayer box. Sold Individually.
blessing charms
(2 charms shown)

18" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $41.00

24" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $46.00

30" - 2mm Snake Chain - $66.00

36" - 2mm Snake Chain - $86.00



Sterling Silver Prayer Box Charm - ROUND1
round prayer box charm

Tuck treasured thoughts inside these tiny hinged, sterling silver prayer or pendant boxes. It is approximately 10mm high x 10mm in diameter.

(while supplies last)

18" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $59.00

24" - 1.5mm Snake Chain - $61.00

30" - 2mm Snake Chain - $79.00

36" - 2mm Snake Chain - $99.00



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Cancer Awareness Bracelets™ - Cancer Survivor Bracelets™
Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets™ - Breast Cancer Survivor Bracelets™

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